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Bowflex Power Rod


The Bowflex system by Nautilus Inc., a company specializing in health and fitness products. The company which also manufactures Schwinn equipment, is a pioneer in the fitness industry, with many years of quality innovation.

Their exercise fitness equipment is widely marketed and are one of the more popular home fitness solutions and include the Bowflex Power Rod home gyms.

Bowflex Power Rods are manufactured under the very strict quality control measures, sheathed and then tested several times separately to ensure their durability and satisfactory performance.

How it works

The Bowflex Power Rod technology is likened to a bow/arrow system, which gets harder with a more fully “loaded” arrow in the sense that the effective load is heightened progressively when lifting the same weight of say, 150 lbs. It feels like a 100lb-load when you begin the reps and progresses till you feel the full extension of the weight at the end.

Offering real resistance that provides a smooth feel through a full rep or any range of motion without the danger, pain or inertia you get with normal weights, the system works great for toning and general strength training.

Why should you consider a Bowflex?

The wide range of options for the Bowflex Power Rod systems is a great selling point to choose them for your home gym. The prices may feel like a deterrent, but the system can pay for itself over 1-3 years if you opt out a monthly gym subscription, depending on which system you pick.

These Bowflex Power Rods also sell themselves, and the company offers a lifetime warranty on any equipment purchase. They’ll replace them even after 5 years if you can “wear them out.”

The availability of rod upgrades on sites like eBay, Amazon for less than retail is great for those who quickly max out the initial Power Rod system and are looking to increase resistance.