Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym


Getting a full cardio and muscle strengthening exercise at home can be challenging. Fortunately, the Bowflex pr1000 home gym brings a solution to the challenge.

This 210 pounds versatile machine is perfect for a complete body workout. It provides weight lifting, resistance, grips, and aerobic rowing compartment.


The Bowflex pr1000 home gym offers a workout area of 100*78 inches and can support weight up to 300 pounds. One of the favorite features is the ability to fold for storage.

The Bowflex pr1000 home gym houses a sliding seat rail, ideal for leg presses, seated leg extensions, cardio workout, as well as aerobic calorie burning exercises. In total, this versatile home gym has over 30 exercises available.


This strength training equipment comes with exercises that come pictured in the user manual. Fully following the user manual will result in a full body workout that will leave you feeling good without the risk of joint pain or inertia usually felt when using free weights.

Additionally, the Bowflex pr1000 home gym accommodates both seating and standing exercises. Therefore, you get an excess of 30 strength exercises without feeling restrained.

Bowflex Power Rod


The Bowflex system by Nautilus Inc., a company specializing in health and fitness products. The company which also manufactures Schwinn equipment, is a pioneer in the fitness industry, with many years of quality innovation.

Their exercise fitness equipment is widely marketed and are one of the more popular home fitness solutions and include the Bowflex Power Rod home gyms.

Bowflex Power Rods are manufactured under the very strict quality control measures, sheathed and then tested several times separately to ensure their durability and satisfactory performance.

How it works

The Bowflex Power Rod technology is likened to a bow/arrow system, which gets harder with a more fully “loaded” arrow in the sense that the effective load is heightened progressively when lifting the same weight of say, 150 lbs. It feels like a 100lb-load when you begin the reps and progresses till you feel the full extension of the weight at the end.

Offering real resistance that provides a smooth feel through a full rep or any range of motion without the danger, pain or inertia you get with normal weights, the system works great for toning and general strength training.

Why should you consider a Bowflex?

The wide range of options for the Bowflex Power Rod systems is a great selling point to choose them for your home gym. The prices may feel like a deterrent, but the system can pay for itself over 1-3 years if you opt out a monthly gym subscription, depending on which system you pick.

These Bowflex Power Rods also sell themselves, and the company offers a lifetime warranty on any equipment purchase. They’ll replace them even after 5 years if you can “wear them out.”

The availability of rod upgrades on sites like eBay, Amazon for less than retail is great for those who quickly max out the initial Power Rod system and are looking to increase resistance.

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym Review

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym is a home gym that makes it possible for you to perform over 60 workouts that challenge all muscle groups. Whether you want to work the lower body or the upper body, this home gym has all you need to do so.

It includes a lower pulley, bench press, squat station and a lat pull-down for working hamstrings, quads, and glutes. To work the shoulders and the back, you can use the angled lat bar and lat bar. It is simply the best home gym.

Features of Bowflex Blaze Home Gym has some incredible features that make it the best home gym. Primarily, it features 210 pounds of Power Rod Technology Resistance that can be upgraded up to 410 pounds.

Bowflex Blaze Home GymThis is a great feature because it enables you to challenge yourself when you progress in your workouts. The angled lat bar and lat tower are also great features.

These provide enough resistance to enable you to work your back and shoulder muscles for lean, beautiful arms. It also features a 90 by 83 by 38 leg curl attachment to make working your leg muscles a possibility. When you buy this home gym, you also get a squat station which makes it possible for you to work your lower body.

Benefits: –

There are some benefits you get from owning a Bowflex Blaze Home Gym. First, you get 60 different workouts at your disposal on just a single equipment.

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The other advantage of this home gym is the fact that it can be used to work your entire body. This is something you cannot find in many home gyms in the market.

The upgradeable feature is also a great advantage because it makes it possible for you to make your workouts more challenging as you progress. The fact that it does not occupy too much space is also a great advantage especially for someone who does not have a lot of space to spare. Finally, this home gym is very strong and durable.

Bowflex Pr3000 Home Gym Review

The Bowflex Pr3000 home gym gives the user no-change pulley system which means you can perform all exercises without realigning the machine or its cables.

The Bowflex Pr3000 home gym covers over 50 exercises for all the muscles and keeps you strong and healthy. The gym has its dimensions of 61 inches in length, 41 inches in width, and 83 inches in height.

The features of the Bowflex pr3000 home gym are:

1) it covers more than 50 exercises in a single machine.

2) Power rods gives excellent resistance so that you will not get any joint pains or aches.

3) No-change cable system as you can perform all the exercises without converting the machine or moving the cables.

4) Resistance can be upgradable from 210 lbs. to 310 lbs.

5) Hand grips and ankle cuffs are provided for better comfort and flexibility.

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Bowflex Pr3000 Home Gym

The entire machine has a 1-year warranty with the power rods accounting for seven years’ warranty. The other parts are given for 60 days’ warranty.

Some of the benefits of using Bowflex Pr3000 home gym are:

1) You can perform both upper body and lower body exercises.

2) All the major muscle groups are covered with more than 50 exercises.

The Bowflex Pr3000 home gym is the one to buy if you are looking for an all-in-one gym.

Bowflex Motivator 2 Review

Bowflex Motivator 2 is an exercise equipment that can allow for a full workout in as little as 20 minutes. It provides all the benefits of going to the gym at the comfort of one’s home.

The basic structure of the equipment consists of a bench with connected leg attachments and a pulley system that allows for weights and resistance training.

Features of a Bowflex Motivator 2

Bowflex Motivator 21. 210 pounds of resistance. They include a pair of 5-pound rods, two pairs of 10-pound rods and a pair each of 30 and 50-pound rods. One can adjust one or more of these rods for the desired resistance.

2. A bench that allows for four major bench positions, a flat bench forward and back, 45 degrees’ incline and a free-sliding seat extension. All these bench positions allow for a high number of workouts.

3. A handgrip, handcuff grip and ankle cuff grip that allows for exercises like front shoulder raises.

4. 3-year warranty.

A Bowflex Motivator 2 accommodates a broad range of exercises.

-Abdominal crunches

-Chest exercises e.g. bench press

-Leg exercise e.g. leg extension etc.

One needs only to follow the manual for a comprehensive guide on how to go about it.

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1. A healthy lifestyle due to working out.
2. Very easy to assemble.
3. Easy to move between exercises when working out.
4. Weight loss and muscle gain.

This is one equipment that is a must have for anyone looking for home gym options. It is not just optional but necessary.

Bowflex 310-Pound Rod Upgrade

The Bowflex 310-Pound Rod Upgrade helps you get more value out of your existing Bowflex home gym setup.

Most Bowflex home gym models offer 210 Pounds of resistance, though this amount of resistance is adequate for beginners, experienced customers may desire a greater challenge.

This upgrade kit helps you reach your fitness goal by increasing your challenge through additional resistance and weight.

Bowflex 310-Pound Rod UpgradeBowflex 310-Pound Rod Upgrade adds more resistance to your existing 210-Pound home gym setup, increasing resistance up to 310-Pounds.

This Bowflex upgrade is designed to work with Power Pro, Motivator, Blaze, Sport, Xtreme and Xtreme 2 Bowflex home gym models.

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The Bowflex 310-Pound Rod Upgrade is easy to setup, and you will be challenging yourself in no time.

The upgrade consists of two 50-Pound rods that you can easily screw into the rod box of your existing Bowflex setup.

This upgrade is an affordable way to achieve higher intensity workout from your current home gym. Push yourself towards your fitness goals with the increased resistance and weight of the Bowflex 310-Pound Rod Upgrade.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells Reviews


Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells :- Dumbbells are the most effective equipment for body building. They can possibly build up all the muscles in your arms and legs.

Since dumbbells are of such high importance, we must be wary of their quality and durability.

We can get all the weights we need to tone up our muscles in a set of the Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells, which boasts of innovative technology to adjust the weights for your exercise.

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It contains an ergonomic bar for the handle, which ensures maximum comfort while training.


Each dumbbell can be adjusted from 5 pounds to 52.5 pounds in the increments of 2.5 pounds.

#A dial system to adjust the weights quickly and conveniently.
Can save a lot of space as it comes with a storage case.

#Can help to switch between exercises rapidly.

#Comes with a steel construction which is durable enough to last a lifetime.

#An excellent two-year warranty for all the weight plates.


With the help of the Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells, we can start our own training routines at home.

The price is affordable and with a two-year warranty, and not to forget the comfortable usage and space saving storage case it offers, these dumbbells are worth a try.

Bowflex Max Trainer M3 Review

The Bowflex Max Trainer M3  is an alternative cardio workout machine for treadmills.

Main features includes:

#1. Impact Free

One of the best features about this equipment is that it has up to 8 levels of resistance to choose from and these are adjusted manually.

It is also a safer workout equipment considering that it comes with handles and therefore it completely impacts free.

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Injuries can derail workout progress and lead to unexpected expenses and this makes the Bowflex Max Trainer M3 an ideal equipment.

#2. Intensity

With eight levels of resistance and lack of impact, the M3 enables high-intensity workouts and therefore faster gain for body building.

#3. Heart Rate Monitoring

The M3 comes with a wireless heart rate monitoring device that can help monitor the heart rate during working out. It also comes with bottle holders and a user profile feature that enables users to save their statistics.

The Bowflex Trainer M3 is compact and portable and can fit almost anywhere. Get yours Here today.

Bowflex 5.1 Adjustable Bench Review


Bowflex 5.1 Adjustable Bench

Adjustable bench Bowflex 5.1 is an adjustable incline or decline bench press, which can be adjusted up to 6 positions and angles.

The positions are -17 degrees decline, flat 30, 45, 60 and the full 90 degrees. It is made of steel which makes it heavy duty. There are also wheels for easy movement and storage.

Features of Bowflex 5.1 Adjustable Bench

  1. Frame-The frame is made of thick steel which makes it heavy duty, so you don’t have to worry about stability when doing your workouts.
  1. Upholstery- The materials used are durable which makes the bench not rip or tear easily. The padding on the bench does not also get wrinkles.
  1. Wheels- Wheels are attached to the bench to make it easy to move for storage
  1. Leg attachment- for those who like added support Bowflex 5.1 adjustable bench comes with a removable leg attachment which can easily be removed by a pop-out pin. No hassle for those who like to work out without the leg attachment.

bowflex 5.1 bench attachments

Benefits of  Bowflex 5.1 Adjustable Bench    

With this incline or decline bench, you can do a variety of workouts such as barbell incline bench press, dumbbell flies, barbell bench press, incline dumbbell press, dumbbell bench press and incline dumbbell flies.

With these workouts having a big chest is a guarantee. Bowflex 5.1 adjustable bench comes with a 30-year warranty for the frame and one year for the upholstery, so you won’t have to buy a new one anytime soon.  

You can do your workout at home because it’s so easy to use and set up. It can easily be switched between set ups within just a few seconds. Requires no loosening or tightening of screws, just a pull and release and the seat adjusts itself.

Bowflex BodyTower Review

The Bowflex BodyTower is a versatile personal exercise machine you can use at home to achieve your fitness goals within a short time.

The Bowflex BodyTower comes with a commercial-grade steel base hence can stand the test of time and includes easy to assemble procedures.

The dimensions of 50Lx50wx77inch make the machine ideal for persons of varying heights, too.

bowflex bodytower image1Importantly, it incorporates EZ-adjustable bars that simply make it easier to build muscles using a variety of tailored exercises, not to mention increasing the intensity of your preferred exercises to get better results.

The sling straps and hand grips features are great additions that offer users more options than most of the towers you can find on the market today.

In fact, with the Bowflex BodyTower, you can do more than 18 exercises to achieve your end goal without any problem.

Overall, with this machine, you will enjoy the benefits that come with quality material and many options that make stand-up exercises more enjoyable.