Bowflex BodyTower Review

The Bowflex BodyTower is a versatile personal exercise machine you can use at home to achieve your fitness goals within a short time.

The Bowflex BodyTower comes with a commercial-grade steel base hence can stand the test of time and includes easy to assemble procedures.

The dimensions of 50Lx50wx77inch make the machine ideal for persons of varying heights, too.

bowflex bodytower image1Importantly, it incorporates EZ-adjustable bars that simply make it easier to build muscles using a variety of tailored exercises, not to mention increasing the intensity of your preferred exercises to get better results.

The sling straps and hand grips features are great additions that offer users more options than most of the towers you can find on the market today.

In fact, with the Bowflex BodyTower, you can do more than 18 exercises to achieve your end goal without any problem.

Overall, with this machine, you will enjoy the benefits that come with quality material and many options that make stand-up exercises more enjoyable.